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How To Apply For Awards Using The New System


With out new award application system, there has been some changes to the way in which you apply for awards:


  • All applications are now done from a single form
  • You will need to select the award you wish to apply for from the list provided
  • All fields are provided on a single form but you only need to use the ones that are specific to the award you are applying for
  • Any required fields are marked with a red *
  • You can now upload documentation to the award to be included in your application
  • You will receive an email with a custom tracking number for your application and can view any updates on this site
  • All paper application forms are still provided on this site and on in case you prefer to send them in by mail or fax

If you have any further questions, please contact the provincial office:


By E-Mail:

Phone: 306-757-5562

Fax: 306-757-5569


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